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Device Firmware Upgrade (DFU) is a boot loading mechanism to upgrade firmware for target devices, allowing developers to quickly fix defects and enrich product features.

This document focuses on DFU working principles, GR5xx DFU schemes, and firmware upgrade steps.

Before getting started, you can refer to the following documents.

Table 1 Reference documents
Name Description

Developer guide of the specific GR5xx System-on-Chip (SoC)

Introduces GR5xx Software Development Kit (SDK) and how to develop and debug applications based on the SDK.

GProgrammer User Manual

Lists GProgrammer operational instructions including downloading firmware to and encrypting firmware on GR5xx SoCs.

J-Link/J-Trace User Guide

Provides J-Link operational instructions. Available at

Keil User Guide

Offers detailed Keil operational instructions. Available at

Bluetooth Core Spec

Offers official Bluetooth standards and core specification from Bluetooth SIG.

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