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Wakeup Sources

Wakeup sources can wake GR551x SoCs up from low power modes, including from Idle Mode to Active Mode, or from Sleep Mode to Active Mode.

Idle Mode: ARM processors go into Idle Mode and remain the state after executing a WFE or WFI command. Wakeup sources from Idle Mode to Active Mode are:

  • Reset
  • NVIC Event
  • Debug Event

Sleep Mode: When the system is in Sleep Mode, only the modules located in Always-on Domain can wake up the system and enable it to enter the warm boot process. Wakeup sources from Sleep Mode to Active Mode are:

  • Bluetooth LE Timer
  • Sleep Timer
  • Real Time Calendar
  • Reset

Users can call the following API in an Software Development Kit (SDK) to configure wakeup sources:

void pwr_mgmt_wakeup_source_setup(uint32_t wakeup_source);

For more information about configuration of wakeup sources, see GR551x Datasheet.

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