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The Bluetooth LE software architecture of a GR55xx SoC comprises the Application/Profile layer, a Software Development Kit (SDK), and a BLE Protocol Stack (BLE Stack), as shown in the figure below.

Figure 1 GR55xx Bluetooth LE software architecture

In this architecture, the Application/Profile layer interacts with the BLE Stack through APIs provided by the SDK. Developers can invoke APIs of GAP, GATT, SM, and L2CAP layers on the BLE Stack during application development.

This document focuses on the composition and functions of the BLE Stack as well as how user applications interact with the BLE Stack. In addition, the document introduces code examples contained in the GR55xx SDK to help developers better understand the BLE Stack. Codes are stored in SDK_Folder\projects\ble\ble_basic_example\. SDK_Folder is the root directory of GR55xx SDK in use.


For more information about Bluetooth LE technologies and protocols, visit the official Bluetooth SIG website: Specifications of GAP, GATT, SM, and L2CAP are provided in Bluetooth Core Spec. Specifications of other Bluetooth LE profiles are available on the GATT Specs page. Assigned numbers, identifiers, and code which may be used by Bluetooth LE applications are listed on the Assigned Numbers page.

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