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GRPLT Lite Config Tool is Goodix proprietary software for configuring the PLT Lite board. It packages relevant firmware, resource files, and mass production configurations to be downloaded to the PLT Lite board through USB-UART port, to support batch firmware download, resource download, parameter configuration, and functionality testing for Bluetooth Low Energy (Bluetooth LE) GR5xx SoCs.


  • Configure firmware and resources.
  • Configure Bluetooth address.
  • Configure NVDS parameters.
  • Configure firmware keys.
  • Configure internal/external Flash.
  • Configure crystal calibration parameters.
  • Configure Received Signal Strength Indicator (RSSI) test parameters.
  • Support configuring multiple DUTs connected in cascade.
  • Golden Unit (GU) is an on-board Bluetooth LE module that has been calibrated prior to test.
  • DUT refers to a PCB soldered with a GR5xx SoC in this document.

Functionalities of PLT Lite board:

  • Crystal calibration: The GU generates specific square wave signals (40 Hz) and then delivers the signals to relevant I/O ports of the DUT, to perform crystal calibration for 1600000 times as expected.
  • RSSI test: After a DUT performance test starts, the GU, as a slave, broadcasts data based on instructions sent via GRPLT Lite Config Tool. The DUT, as a master, receives RSSI test command frames via UART and uploads its RSSI value to the GU. The GU checks whether the DUT passes the performance test according to the uploaded RSSI value.

    The RSSI test applies to GR551x, GR5525, and GR5526 SoCs only.

This document explains how to install and use GRPLT Lite Config Tool as well as fundamental processes of offline mass production programming on a GR5xx SoC.

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