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GRSmart is a debugging tool for GR551x BLE Dongle (hereinafter referred to as Dongle) on PCs.

Supported by GRSmart, a Dongle can:

  • Start advertising as a slave, or
  • Scan and connect to other devices as a master.

When Dongles are connected, GRSmart can test and debug the Bluetooth Low Energy (Bluetooth LE) characteristics of other Bluetooth devices.


GR551x BLE Dongle refers to the GR5515 Starter Kit Board (GR5515 SK Board) programmed with GRSmart firmware.

Main features of GRSmart:

  • Dongle as a slave:
    • Start legacy advertising, extended advertising, and periodic advertising.
    • Start up to five advertisements simultaneously.
  • Dongle as a master:
    • Scan advertisements.
    • Connect to or disconnect from other devices, and support multiple connections between two devices.
    • Synchronize periodic advertising.
    • Manage whitelists of devices, lists of bonded devices, lists of periodic advertisements, and lists of resolvable private addresses (RPAs).
    • View advertising data, scan response data, and periodic advertising data.
  • Support GATT-related operations.
    • Access the GATT attribute tables, which can be viewed in category mode or in simple mode.
    • Export the attribute tables in .csv files.
    • Read all characteristic values in the attribute tables with one click.
    • Turn on/off notifications/indications.
    • Support three pairing methods: Just Works, Passkey Entry, and Numeric Comparison.
    • Support maximum transmission unit (MTU) negotiations.
    • Discover services, characteristics, and attributes.
    • Read or write GATT characteristic values and descriptors.
  • Support GAP-related operations.
    • Update connection parameters, physical layer (PHY) parameters, and parameters for data transmission.
    • Obtain information about the peer devices, including the supported versions and characteristics, PHY settings for connection, and channel maps.
    • Set radio frequency (RF) transmission power.
  • Support L2CAP-related operations.
    • Create connection-oriented channels (COCs). More than one COC can be created.
    • Transmit and receive data through COCs.
    • Manage credits.
    • Manage and configure parameters related to scanning, connection, security, and L2CAP in a unified manner.
    • View and export Tool logs and Dongle logs.
    • Obtain RPAs.
    • Calibrate RF offsets.

Figure 1 shows the Graphical User Interface (GUI) of GRSmart.

Figure 1 GRSmart GUI

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