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To ensure the compatibility for message exchange between different kinds of Bluetooth Mesh devices, Bluetooth Special Interest Group (Bluetooth SIG) defines a series of generic and standard models for Bluetooth Mesh applications, including Generics, Sensors, Time and Scenes, and Lighting, which enable Bluetooth Mesh devices to control a peer Bluetooth device or obtain the device information.

If the standard models cannot meet your application requirements, you can customize models according to specific needs. For example, your application may require some new functions which are not supported by the standard models.

This document introduces how to develop and use custom models by taking the Simple On Off (SOO) Models for example.

Before getting started, you can refer to the following documents.

Table 1 Reference documents
Name Description

GR533x Developer Guide

Introduces the software/hardware and quick start guide of GR533x System-on-Chips (SoCs).

Bluetooth Core Spec

Offers official Bluetooth standards and core specification from Bluetooth SIG.

Mesh Networking Specifications

Offers Bluetooth official Mesh profiles and specifications. Available at

J-Link/J-Trace User Guide

Provides J-Link operational instructions. Available at

Keil User Guide

Offers detailed Keil operational instructions. Available at

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