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PLT Lite is a board for offline programming in mass production specially designed for GR5xx Bluetooth Low Energy (Bluetooth LE) System-on-Chips (SoCs). It mainly supports programming mass production firmware and resources, Bluetooth addresses, and firmware keys, with such features as crystal oscillator calibration. Users can download programming configurations to PLT Lite with GRPLT Lite Config Tool. Multiple PLT Lite boards can be connected in cascade, allowing batch programming for SoCs.

The figure below shows the photo of PLT Lite:
Figure 1 PLT Lite (top view)


  • Firmware and resource programming
  • Bluetooth address programming
  • NVDS parameter programming
  • Firmware key programming
  • Crystal oscillator calibration
  • RSSI test
  • Multiple PLT Lite boards connected in cascade
  • A beeper for error alarm
  • Port level detection for automatic programming start

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