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The GR5331 Starter Kit (SK) is a hardware development platform based on GR533x System-on-Chips (SoCs) (supporting Bluetooth 5.3). It contains a Starter Kit Board (SK Board), design documents, and a user guide. This helps users quickly develop product prototype and verify related functions/performance, shortening product development and go-to-market periods.

The figure below shows the photo of a SK Board:

Figure 1 SK Board (top view)

By default, no application firmware has been pre-downloaded to a SK Board. It is recommended to compile the example projects provided in GR533x Software Development Kit (SDK) to generate firmware and then download the firmware to a SK Board for debugging/testing.

Before you get started, it is recommended to refer to the following documents.

Table 1 Reference documents
Name Description
GR533x Developer Guide Introduces the software/hardware and quick start guide of GR533x SoCs.
J-Link/J-Trace User Guide Provides J-Link operational instructions. Available at
GR533x-QFN48-SK-BASIC-RevB Offers SK Board schematic diagrams.


  • A single-mode Bluetooth LE SoC that supports Bluetooth 5.3
  • SEGGER J-Link OB that supports debugging
  • Multiple power supply modes and battery level detection
  • JLINK_USB connector and UART_USB connector
  • Multi-functional buttons and LEDs
  • Interface for 1.44-inch color thin film transistor (TFT) LCD
  • I/O interface for standard 2.54 mm pin connector
  • I/O communication level supported: 3.0 V

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